Wednesday, April 13, 2016

SCA visit March 2016

Business Visa - Appointment booked on 23-Feb-2016, stayed at Residency Hotel, GH Road
01-March-2016: VAC Chennai, Anna Salai
02-March-2016: US Consular, Chennai
What is the purpose of the visit
How long you will be there in US and where?
Are you married, children, salary?

11-March-2016 to 21-March-2016

Flew by Etihad Airlines, cost around 72k

Immigration check happened at Abu Dhabi around 12:25AM
Immigration officer:
What is the purpose of the visit
How long are you going to stay in US?
Where are you going to stay?
Are you carrying any dry fruits, fruits, fried items?
Immigration permit till 11-Sep-2016

Onward: BLR->ABU DHABI->SAN FRANSCISCO, 2 hours layover time

03/12 Golden Gate, Twin peaks point or vista point at San Franscisco, It was very bad weather, barely could come out of car
San Franscisco downtown
Safeway express
Great mall, brought some toys for kids
Cosco mall - brought sweatshirts for family members

03/13 Big Basin Road (this is bit scary road) to Santa Cruz, Beach, back on 101 freeway

@Restaurants visited
StarBucks Coffee
Madras Cafe in El Camino Real
Chat Bhavan
Chat House
Mayuri Indian Restarent
Thai Food
Off course in Oracle Cafeteria

Pari, resigned from Cisco after 2.5 years of experience to pursue
MS from SanJose State Univerisity. Expenses around 700$,
Should start looking for internship immediately after joining MS

03/19 Monteray City, Beautiful 17-Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, Santa Cruz for food at Sitar Indian Cuisine Restarant

F1 visa:
MS 2 years, can do job for 29 months after studies
if H1 not approved, join 1 year course in college

H1B: 3 years permit, extend by 3 another 3 years;
2008 green card processing is still in progress; it will take 10 years atleast
Need green card, to do business

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